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Marine Transportation                  Freight Delivery

Sundog Charters offers safe, reliable marine transportation to unimproved beach sites.  Our Alaskan built aluminum landing crafts can be transported throughout Alaska for project work. Our staff is experienced and familiar with Alaska's unique challenges.  Sundog Charters participates in the USCG five star safety program to ensure passenger safety. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

Based in Kodiak, the Retriever is capable of transporting 75,000 pounds of freight. Sundog and My Marie have a combined cargo capacity of 17,000 pounds and over 400 square feet of cargo space. We have safely delivered fuel, building materials and vehicles in Cook Inlet and Prince William Sound and Kodiak. We can help you overcome the challenges of remote operations.

Fuel Transport

We utilize skid tanks and our 6x6 fuel truck to transport packaged fuel and bulk fuel to remote sites.  With a State approved ODPCP and a USCG 3302 permit, we comply with all state and federal regulations for transporting fuel from the fuel dock to your tanks.

Project Support

Our vessels serve as safe and effective support platforms for diving/salvage, oil spill response, accoustical monitoring, geophysical/technical support and protected species monitoring.  We also serve as dedicated freight/personnel transport vessels during project operations.  Our goal is to support customers and ensure their success.

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